Look for Anxious Attachments at the Autumn House Table at AWP 2019 in Portland, OR! 

I’ll be signing books on Friday, 3/29 from 1:30- 2:45.

I”ll be reading with Cutthroat and the Black Earth Institute from 3-5, also on Friday, at Ford Food & Drink, 2505 SE 11th Ave., Portland.

I’ll be reading on Saturday, 3/30, from 3-5 at Rev. Nat’s Hard Cidery & Taproom., 1813 NE 2nd Avenue. You are welcome to bring food or to order from Sizzle Pie or Pine State Biscuits (same building) & bring food in with you.

Watch here for upcoming readings and events:

I’ll be visiting Tucson in April!

With Kore Press, I’ll do a Salon, called “Matters of Life and Death,” at the Dunbar Springs Space on Wednesday 4/10, from 5:30-7:30. More details soon!

Also with Kore, I’m going to be involved in a “Notes from the Motherfield” event as EXO on Saturday 4/13 — time & more info coming soon!

Then, I’ll be back in Bend OR by Friday 4/26 at Roundabout Books, up in Northwest Crossing, from 6-8. I’ll be in Conversation with Arianne Zwartjes. Our topic will be “Towards a Theory of Self.” More details soon!