Reviews of Anxious Attachments

Anxious Attachments is “filled with beautiful human attempts to connect, to protect, to do right by our loved ones. . . . [but] Alvarado [also] includes the references to current events, politics, social issues, and science, not because she’s trying to make these personal essays about more than herself, but because they are about more than herself. Going from the intensely personal to the political, the social, the scientific, is what makes these essays universal.” – An excerpt from Ellen Santasiero’s May 2019 review in High Desert Journal

About Beth Alvarado:

Beth Alvarado is the author of three books: Anxious Attachments, a collection of essays;Anthropologies: A Family Memoir (University of Iowa Press); and Not a Matter of Love and other stories(Winner of the Many Voices Project Prize, New Rivers Press). Beth lived with her late husband and her two children in the Sonoran Borderlands for much of her life. She now lives in Bend, Oregon, where she teaches prose at the OSU-Cascades Low Residency MFA Program. Read more…